Project Vision


A small to-do list and notice manager which allows you to share your tasks and work with others.

Do All The Things Together

What can you do with DATTT?

With DATTT you can create notices as normal text, images (will be available in a later version) or to-do lists with hash-tags and location-tags. There will be a simple feature to share the notices with others and to manage the rights of other persons. Also you’ll be able to set reminders for your tasks and export them to your Google Calendar.

DATTT provides

  • easy to use to-do lists
  • simple notices
  • reminders for your tasks
  • export to your google calendar
  • tags, locations
  • simple rights management and more…

And because it`s awesome: you can share your dattts with others!


DATTT should work as a java web application on all common web browsers (also on mobile devices) with full functionality.

Team Roles

Coding / Server
Coding / User Interface
Templates / Design
Dokumentation / Blog